M.K. Paşa Mah. Gölcük Cad. No:76, 16860, İznik, Bursa

Asiyan Iznik Mansion: Where History Whispers

Nestled in the heart of Iznik, a town steeped in history, stands Asiyan Iznik Mansion.  This captivating residence boasts a rich legacy, having served as a home to the Kumcu and Küçükvardar families for generations. The architectural style of the mansion (mention style) hints at its long history, while the meticulously restored interiors whisper tales of the families who once resided here.

More than just a place to stay, Asiyan Iznik Mansion offers guests a chance to immerse themselves in the past.  Imagine waking up to the stunning turquoise hues of Iznik Lake, a view that has remained unchanged for centuries.  Explore the mansion’s collection of calligraphy and paintings, a testament to the artistic heritage of the Küçükvardar family.

A Fusion of History and Hospitality

At Asiyan Iznik Mansion, history and hospitality intertwine seamlessly.  Ornella Zeynep Küçükvardar’s thoughtful restoration has transformed this historical gem into a haven for discerning travelers.   Savor the unique flavors of Ottoman Levantine cuisine, a culinary tradition perfected over generations, in the elegant setting of the mansion’s restaurant.


Owning a Piece of History
The opportunity to own a property steeped in decades of history and be part of its ongoing legacy is priceless.

Unique Architectural Style
The mansion’s architectural details and its connection to a specific historical period hold significant value for those who appreciate heritage properties.

Unparalleled Location & Views
The property’s prime location in Bursa with easy access to cultural attractions and the breathtaking views of Iznik Lake are highly desirable features.

Potential Investment Opportunity
The mansion is already well-suited to be used as a luxury boutique hotel or income-generating rental property.

Intangible Value
The emotional connection to history, the prestige of owning a unique property, and the potential to create a family legacy in such a setting can justify a premium price.

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