M.K. Paşa Mah. Gölcük Cad. No:76, 16860, İznik, Bursa

Our Mission

To provide a safe and trusted real estate experience for our clients, ensuring successful and stress-free transactions.

Our Vision

To transcend geographical boundaries and establish HANIGA as the leading real estate consultancy brand recognized for excellence worldwide.

Company Founders


Graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Business Administration. He worked as a Financial Manager at one point in his career. He worked in coordination positions of companies' foreign operations.

Zuhal Guven KURTULAN

She worked in the healthcare sector for 24 years in Germany. In the last 5 years of her career, she served as the Public Relations Officer of Beyaz Ev Ozel Kafe & Restoran. She is currently working as a Sales Support Officer at HANIGA.

Building trust is paramount at HANIGA.

" We believe in transparency, open communication, and always acting in our clients' best interests. It's this commitment to 100% Real-Trust that sets us apart."

Client Testimonials

"Renting out my properties used to be a constant headache! Finding reliable tenants, managing repairs, and collecting rent was a time-consuming hassle. Since partnering with HANIGA for their seamless property management services, I can finally relax. They handle everything with professionalism and efficiency. My properties are well-maintained, my tenants are happy, and my rental income is consistent. HANIGA has given me peace of mind and allowed me to truly enjoy the benefits of being a landlord!"
John Lee (Real Estate Investor)
"My investment property wasn't generating the returns I expected. HANIGA's marketing team completely transformed the way my property was presented. Their high-quality photos and targeted marketing strategies attracted a whole new pool of qualified buyers. Within weeks, we had multiple offers! HANIGA's expertise helped me sell the property for a significant profit and reinvest in a more lucrative opportunity. They are a true partner in my investment journey!"
Angela Rodriguez
"The Bay Area housing market is incredibly competitive, and we were feeling discouraged. HANIGA's understanding of the local market and their strategic negotiation skills were invaluable. They helped us identify properties that matched our needs and budget, even in this competitive environment. HANIGA secured our dream home in a fantastic location, and we couldn't be happier! Their guidance made the whole process feel manageable and stress-free."
The Miller Family